LAGUK-Media-Lux Co. Ltd. - privately established and owned company since 1996 to gain unique experience in promoting different defence, aerospace, shipbuilding, security and industrial publications over Russia and CIS market. We have established good friendly and business contacts with all main producers and exporters of the defence equipment as well as with corresponding governmental bodies.
For the time being LAGUK represents over 90 publications related to defence and aerospace business from Europe, North and South America, South and South-East Asia, Middle East and Africa.
LAGUK-Media-Lux Co. Ltd. is being an exclusive representative of the following international publishing groups: Aviation International News (USA), EDEFA s.a. (Spain), Key Publishing (UK), Shephard Press Limited (UK), Royal Institution of Naval Architects (UK), Motorpresse GmbH (Germany).
   The following publishers are among our regional partners: Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal (UAE), Asian Press Group (Singapore), Guide Publications, Business Standard Limited (India), SHP Media (Malaysia), Kanwa Information Center (Hong Kong, Canada), DBDC (Greece), TCE Publications (RSA), as well as the magazines Seguranca & Defesa (Brazil), Defensa y Seguridad Mercosur (Argentina), Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology magazine (PRC),  Military Science & Intelligence (Turkey) etc.

   The company is also involved in promotional campaign of several international exhibitions including FIDAE in Chile since 1993 till nowadays, Africa Aerospace & Defence (RSA), ADEX (Philippine), Australian International Airshow, Land Forces and Pacific (Australia), Euronaval, Euromaritime (France), HomSec (Spain), Safe & Secure (Pakistan), etc.

   LAGUK-Media-Lux Co. Ltd. also publishes its own bi-monthly magazine – Defense Market News. Registration Number - PI №FS77-22570 of 07.12.2005, language – Russian / English, print-run – 5,000 copies.
   The magazine distribution is organized through direct mailing to the main political and defense structures as well as defense, aerospace and maritime industrial enterprises of Russia and CIS. Bonus distribution – at the main specialized exhibitions in Russia and CIS. Each issue presents: country profile, exclusive top-brass interview, product in focus, company profile, show previews and reports, traveler’s log.

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